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Acoustic Design

SRAcoustics was formed in 1987 to provide comprehensive consulting services in Architectural Acoustics, HVAC noise control, Sound, Audiovisual and Television Systems.

Our continuous personal involvement ensures a combination of creative and well thought-out designs with a willingness to communicate throughout the project. We typically work under the direction of the Architect as part of the design team and pride ourselves as viable and reasonable team members. We consider ourselves to be the owner's personal acoustics representative on the design team.

We work on all building types but we specialize in theaters, auditoriums, religious buildings, music halls, music buildings, recording and television studios, government buildings, gymnasiums, stadiums, hospitals, school and university facilities. We provide resource information to the design team and the owner.  Recommendations are made in meetings, reports, drawings, emails, and telephone discussions as required.

Comprehensive budget information and documents are prepared for sound and related systems with final drawings and specifications for inclusion in the Architect's bid package. For architectural acoustics and mechanical system design, we supply information suitable for incorporation into drawings by the Architects and their Engineers.

We are available to work during all phases of a project. We can follow up our basic recommendations with bid and shop drawing reviews, construction site visits, and conformance testing after work completion. Our offices are equipped with CAD facilities, and our drawings are produced on AutoCAD, AutoDesk Revit, Google Sketch-up, PDF or as required by the project.  Our consultants use the latest computer-based programs for acoustic and systems design (where applicable) and provide file documentation.  Our services are supported by a full complement of acoustic and sound measurement instruments.


Project checkouts include acoustic tests, HVAC noise measurements, documentation as well as the tuning and balancing of sound systems. We have the experience necessary to apply acoustic theory in a viable and creative way so it will successfully meet the requirements for drama, dance, music and other communication uses.  

We consider all aspects of the design to be important and we understand the need to work within the budget framework of a designated project.  Our goal is to maximize the acoustic performance of a project while engineering creative ways to implement cost-effective solutions.  We work diligently at maximizing user-friendly systems as well as providing a high acoustic performance that is both aesthetically pleasing and well suited for a multitude of needs.


SRA is a group of independent consultants. We do not represent any manufacturers, resellers, or distributers of acoustical products, sound/video equipment or other components. This allows us to provide our clients with completely unbiased designs and recommendations. We are the owner’s acoustic and technical representative to the design team.

Sound Isolation
Sound Isolation

SRAcoustics keeps with the strict standards set by our founder, Stan Roller.  Stan established the Single-Number MTC Rating and has a true passion and knowledge for the cutting-edge concepts used in sound isolation.  We believe this is an important and often overlooked branch of Acoustics.  Understanding sound isolation is essential in a world that is becoming ever more conscious of its environmental impact. 


Our consultants have extensive resources as well as an acoustic library with immediate access to almost all acoustic data and test results dating back to the earliest times in our field.  We have an unparalleled ability to assess and determine the necessity for sound isolation and identify the practical solutions for almost any noise control issue.

A/V Design

Spaces built without employing an Acoustic Consultant often end up putting in multiple A/V systems before they get what they need. Proper attention to these systems during the design process is critical to alleviating many future issues. Any structure that facilitates communication should have as much attention paid to the communication media as it does to the functional integrity and visual appeal.  The entire design team is concerned with aesthetics, integration and functionality. It is the responsibility of the

Acoustic Consultant to take those traits one step further. We determine how the A/V  systems interact with a building’s physical characteristics to create a dynamic A/V experience.


By providing high quality media and technical systems that are integrated into the building’s design from the start, the Acoustic Consultant adds substantial value to the finished project.  Any A/V issues can be addressed and economical solutions found BEFORE they become issues to the client.


Stan Roller Acoustics, Inc. will ensure the sound reinforcement and video systems of your project have been designed and implemented properly.  We work with architects, engineers and contractors to maintain acoustic and A/V systems integrity throughout the construction process.  Our staff possesses the technical knowledge and experience to integrate all facets of the A/V systems


Mechanical Noise Control

We work with the Architect and Mechanical Engineer to establish a quiet and affordable air handling system.  We have decades of experience in designing quiet mechanical systems.  We have been involved with hundreds of commercial designs and give special attention to noise control, not only from the large commercial units, but also from excessive velocities creating unwanted secondary noise issues.

We are well-versed in ASHRAE acoustic standards.  We work with the design team to develop an effective and reasonable solution to noise and vibration control.  


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